Foundation Headquarters, Stuttgart 2016

The project proposes a series of precisely situated office buildings in a divers urban context within the Stuttgart airport city. The urban idea consists of dividing the massing in two horizontal, self-similar volumes reinforcing the existing street edge but allowing views through to the adjacent fair halls and a vertical, free standing solitaire marking its important location in visual proximity to the airport and its purpose as a new foundation’s headquarters. The project’s specificities are a multi-storey car park connecting all three buildings physically and a future underground tunnel running immediately underneath the entire plot.

Due to its unique urban position the new foundation building is treated with an abstract facade language that distinguishes itself from all specific, neighbouring office buildings. A double-layered facade construction with folded, imprinted glass on the outside clads the entire building in a singular material and therefore provides its abstract expression. The footprint of the building is deliberately reduced to create a reasonably sized welcoming square in front of the new foundation building activated by temporary showrooms and flexible conference rooms.

Status: Feasibility 2015-2016
Location: Stuttgart-Airport City
Client: Private
Gross floor area: 37,500 m²
Model: Béla Berec, Esslingen
Renders: Vizoom, Berlin