IHK Administration Building, Reutlingen 2017-19

The new administration building for IHK Reutlingen (The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Reutlingen) adds a third component to the two existing buildings (‘Forum’ and ‘Haus der Wirtschaft’) on the plot in order to create a coherent urban ensemble. The urban figure of two shifted volumes reacts to its unique and specific location between the built city and the adjacent park landscape by generating a representative entrance space towards ‘Hindenburgstraße’ and a protected rear garden space that serves as an extended foyer for events with strong visual connections to the park.

The new administration building comprises 2,000 m² office area over two regular floors, the management board in the set-back upper storey and on ground floor a central foyer linking education and examination spaces, a café and the existing ‘Forum’.

The robust load bearing facade structure made from pre-cast fair faced concrete elements of different finishes gives the building its minimal and abstract language and own identity. The existing alley of trees along ‘Hindenburgstraße’ and towards the park only allows sequential views to the repetitive facade breaking down the rigour of their overall pattern.

Competition: January 2017, 1st prize
Status: Design development, completion due mid 2019
Location: Reutlingen
Client: IHK Reutlingen
Gross floor area: 7,600 m²
Model: Béla Berec, Esslingen
Render: loomn, Gütersloh