Competition Community School, Wiesloch 2015

The primary aim of this school project is to resolve the complex contextual and programmatic requirements within a simple figure of urban and spatial clarity. A hybrid composition of a bar building and a courtyard-building, containing the special classrooms and accordingly the individual classrooms, leads to a building form that joins the ensemble of existing and proposed buildings together to a united whole and still allows for maximal flexibility for future development on the school campus.

The formation of a low, two-storey elongated building opposite the smaller grain of the adjacent single-family houses and a three-storey courtyard-house vis-à-vis the taller grammar school generates a central schoolyard in the middle of the campus where all entrances and commonly used functions are developed from.

Inside, the new school building provides a positive sequence of light-flooded, good quality classrooms with a friendly learning atmosphere that considers the specific demands of pupils and teachers in equal measure. The individual classrooms in the upper two storeys pin-wheel around a collectively used, communicative middle that is provided good daylight conditions and visual connections to the private, inner courtyard.

Open, two-stage competition: March 2015, Recognition
Location: Wiesloch
Client: Town Wiesloch
Gross floor area: 3,000 m²
Model: Béla Berec, Esslingen